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TheKursedOne's News

Posted by TheKursedOne - 1 month ago

New animations coming soon

(Making a part for the ll halloween collab that im hosting)


Posted by TheKursedOne - August 19th, 2021

Hello everyone... Today I think I cried and screamed out alot of anger i had built up over the past year or two. Lately ive been worried about missing out on everything in life or at least in my youth. I feel as I dont move or im not living and im gonna change it. Im gonna start hanging out with my friends from school and try to have fun. Biggest thing I think is me wanting a girlfriend. I know it sounds dumb to say it but im putting whats on my mind put here. I wanna say thank you to the clock crew and lock legion for all the memories and teaching me to animate. However ive started to realize something. This metal/punk/edgelord/redneck/antipc/loner life im living aint working and it might be the source of my problems or maybe i dwell on all of it too much. I need to socialize, yes i do this alot online but you get way more out of having a face to face convo than a text message. Social media brings the world together but it pushes those away from you apart. Anyway im also gonna try to spend time with my family. I think being nice to them and just saying I love and care about them and being with them could do alot for me. But I often go to my dads house on the weekend because my kitten lives there but I can only really do stuff when at my moms. When over there I dont have friends in the neighborhood, we dont go out and do anything, and my grandma who lives with us is paranoid so she isint very social and never leaves. Im worried I could be in her place someday. Im not disrespecting my grandma or my dad I love them with all my heart but I need to make a choice. Either be at my moms even more but not see my kitty or give up on life over a cat. For a long time ive done the one for my cat but im not healthy the way im living. Im gonna stay at my moms some more anf hopefully stuff will get better. But I actually need to go outside and idk what to do. I also have very little free time because of homework and my job. Im scared of having to quit for school and im scared of somehow being fired. Im just worried because ive been lying to my parents about doing my homework before work and either I aint done shit or got very little done and i fail it like im going to do tommorow when morning comes. Anyway back to my lifestyle. Im told not to wear a spiky patched up jacket to school because of various reasons. But it feels like im not supposed to be myself. But if I cant be myself who do I be? Also my opinions on religion. Ive never been very religious but ive always saw myself as Christian or Baptist. But for awhile now I feel ive been straying away from god and closer to satan. Ive gotten really into black metal and almost bought a Norwegian flag to hang upside down. Ive made art and other shit with pentagrams and upside down crosses. Hell I litteraly potray myself on the internet as a demon. Am i a Satanist? I dont think so but its like I find comfort or something in this shit so what do I do. Im worried about my afterlife but I dont want to give up my life if that makes any sense.

Anyway im not sure where im going with this im just putting this out to make me feel better

tl;dr I need better social skills


Posted by TheKursedOne - August 1st, 2021

id like to start off by saying please write #fixtf2 on twitter maybe valve will do something because the bots are unberable.

so my plans and news

  1. Lock Legion Halloween 2021 collab. Im hosting a collab for the lock legion being released on halloween. If any one wants to join here is our discord https://discord.gg/5ysfnfyP
  2. Gonna try to work on a more classic Lock Legion type animation especially when it comes to backgrounds
  3. pony purge is still on im just working on my part
  4. ive decided I dont like c64 sam and will go back to the speakonia voice for imp lock
  5. im thinking about making some folk songs about shit important to me


Posted by TheKursedOne - July 6th, 2021

aight ya fuks i have dropped out of tf2 meet the pyro reanimated just was 2 hard and i didint have the dedicaiton. Ive made a sheezy art


And have put out an animation

And a shitpost game (thanks to @8BitAnt for teaching me how to upload construct games to newgrounds lol)

as of now im working on a small flash of pulling out zteagh locks brains and ive also started experimenting with s.a.m commodore 64 as a tts for imp just fukin around with it rn so im not sure if ill ditch speakonia

i still need to make my pony purge collab part


Posted by TheKursedOne - June 5th, 2021

soo this month my plans are

finish my meet the pyro reanimated collab part

thats pretty much all but in other news i have come up with an idea for a lock animation and i have released 3 unseen animations and my slums collab part as a solo piece on youtube


also my piconjo day part will be on newgrounds soon and handsome squidward reanimated might come out?

thats all this month and im gonna start doing this every month )

Posted by TheKursedOne - May 26th, 2021

Holy shit its my second lock day and first time making something for this day i didint cringe at and delete and will never bring up again lol

But its been an entire year as of today since i joined the legion and ive made many friends since i joined :)

Join our cult bitch


Lock Day Collection as of 10:14 PM EST

LL-Bad Dreams Collab hosted by Zteagh and animated submissions from Coaco, Beans, Arrow, Nuka, Imp, Zteagh, Wasabi and music by Gent. Its our big Lock Day 2021 collab and everyone had very good parts and Zteagh did a badass job putting this all together

SameLock by Sky Lock, music by KotoriSan, and art by Nuka Lock but like holy shit a game made for lock day and with medals??? That is badass I havent played the game yet but as soon as I get to my pc im playing the shit out of it. Go check it out :)

LL - Foul Mouthed Rammstein Lock by Beans Lock

A very nice part by my bud beans parodying a old post by Rammstein called "Swearing" and its overall just funny i higly reccomend checking both of them out!

LL: Lock Day 2021 Concert by Anonymous Frog Clock a hilarious concert with Banana Lock rick rolling... its beautiful please watch and 5 star it

L0ckDay 2021: D.Va Clock at the OAP Home by DVa Clock Beans steals some shit from the old folks home and steals a gas tank and DVa is old and does This. Its a short but great post none the less so go watch it

Lock Day '21 by Nuka damn hes made alot for today and this submission is just part of his army of master pieces. I remember when Nuka first joined the Legion he has improved his art since then so much everything he draws has truely become masterpices lol.

Zombie Turtle Groove by Nuka this is some music he made for our Bad Dreams Collab and its pretty rad

Zteagh Vote Five by Arrow zteagh is already a badass but anything Arrow touches with his art skills is a million times mroe badass and its fucking awesome

Cloud Locks art of himself a high detailed drawing of Cloud Lock very badass

StickBlues art of himself he looks badass and emo lol https://imgur.com/9Nfel6M

Litteraly just Wasabis Part like the title says its his very nice and stylish part just reuploaded to newgrounds as a solo movie

Imp Locks "Scrapped Bad Dreams Collab Part" yea the name says it all im not proud of it so thats why i had it cut... moving on

My future plans for lock animations

So far i have 2 planned the original version of my scrapped bad dreams where Imp Lock dressed as Freddy Kruger terrorizes BB10 Clock and this will be out by Halloween. The reason i didint make it was time constraints so i had to cut it and made a dumbass meme which i hated lol. But me and BB10 both want it to be made so I plan to make it someday.

Next is my Piconjo Day submission on 6/9. I dont have any ideaa besides a fight between Imp Lock and Piconjo so look foward to that in a few days.

I have also joined the Meet The Pyro Reanimated Collab being hosted by Fenixshifter so look foward to that in a year or so lol

Discord for those who want to join:


And last thing is axelbeeni's Handsome Squidward Reanimated Collab? Ive been in it for a longass time but so many slackers in the project who signed up and did fucking nothing, I doubt its coming out or atleast this year

Discord for those who want to join:


This has been Imp Lock with Lock Day signing off



Posted by TheKursedOne - May 9th, 2021

Im so happy


Posted by TheKursedOne - April 2nd, 2021

I have no life, ive lost every friend ive ever had even online i loose friends because they turn into massive asswholes, i miss my friends irl that i had last year they were like brothers to me and now they are gone and i try to forget about all this shit by doing art and animation but it fucking sucks i hate my art and others do aswell because when i upload with hard work its taken down, so how bout i get into making music except ill loose what little friends i have left and prob be canceled because of the type of shit im into.

i have no life and no creativity.

Posted by TheKursedOne - March 27th, 2021

Its really just gonna me announcing that im gonna make music from now on but yee

Posted by TheKursedOne - March 26th, 2021

I gotta get mine fixed (or sell it) but i will make music someday. Also ive never really been active in the audio portal so maybe ill go there lol.

also gonna do my handsome squidward part tommorow