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Lock Day 2021 Collection and Thoughts

Posted by TheKursedOne - May 26th, 2021

Holy shit its my second lock day and first time making something for this day i didint cringe at and delete and will never bring up again lol

But its been an entire year as of today since i joined the legion and ive made many friends since i joined :)

Join our cult bitch


Lock Day Collection as of 10:14 PM EST

LL-Bad Dreams Collab hosted by Zteagh and animated submissions from Coaco, Beans, Arrow, Nuka, Imp, Zteagh, Wasabi and music by Gent. Its our big Lock Day 2021 collab and everyone had very good parts and Zteagh did a badass job putting this all together

SameLock by Sky Lock, music by KotoriSan, and art by Nuka Lock but like holy shit a game made for lock day and with medals??? That is badass I havent played the game yet but as soon as I get to my pc im playing the shit out of it. Go check it out :)

LL - Foul Mouthed Rammstein Lock by Beans Lock

A very nice part by my bud beans parodying a old post by Rammstein called "Swearing" and its overall just funny i higly reccomend checking both of them out!

LL: Lock Day 2021 Concert by Anonymous Frog Clock a hilarious concert with Banana Lock rick rolling... its beautiful please watch and 5 star it

L0ckDay 2021: D.Va Clock at the OAP Home by DVa Clock Beans steals some shit from the old folks home and steals a gas tank and DVa is old and does This. Its a short but great post none the less so go watch it

Lock Day '21 by Nuka damn hes made alot for today and this submission is just part of his army of master pieces. I remember when Nuka first joined the Legion he has improved his art since then so much everything he draws has truely become masterpices lol.

Zombie Turtle Groove by Nuka this is some music he made for our Bad Dreams Collab and its pretty rad

Zteagh Vote Five by Arrow zteagh is already a badass but anything Arrow touches with his art skills is a million times mroe badass and its fucking awesome

Cloud Locks art of himself a high detailed drawing of Cloud Lock very badass

StickBlues art of himself he looks badass and emo lol https://imgur.com/9Nfel6M

Litteraly just Wasabis Part like the title says its his very nice and stylish part just reuploaded to newgrounds as a solo movie

Imp Locks "Scrapped Bad Dreams Collab Part" yea the name says it all im not proud of it so thats why i had it cut... moving on

My future plans for lock animations

So far i have 2 planned the original version of my scrapped bad dreams where Imp Lock dressed as Freddy Kruger terrorizes BB10 Clock and this will be out by Halloween. The reason i didint make it was time constraints so i had to cut it and made a dumbass meme which i hated lol. But me and BB10 both want it to be made so I plan to make it someday.

Next is my Piconjo Day submission on 6/9. I dont have any ideaa besides a fight between Imp Lock and Piconjo so look foward to that in a few days.

I have also joined the Meet The Pyro Reanimated Collab being hosted by Fenixshifter so look foward to that in a year or so lol

Discord for those who want to join:


And last thing is axelbeeni's Handsome Squidward Reanimated Collab? Ive been in it for a longass time but so many slackers in the project who signed up and did fucking nothing, I doubt its coming out or atleast this year

Discord for those who want to join:


This has been Imp Lock with Lock Day signing off




Thanks for the shout out my man.

No prob dude

You earned it completely :)

@NukaLock @TheKursedOne nah, I didn't lol